Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Going Paparazzi as Teju Babyface weds

I want to thank everyone who has been praying for Sam to be found. Thank you and may God continue to protect, guard and guide us all. He is yet to be found and we are very hopeful that he will be found ALIVE ad WELL soon.

The whole incidence has completely killed the shine off so many things round and about me. I am try to come out of the shock gradually. I mean I almost blanked out on other happenings around me!

Today ( thursday) and Saturday is a huge one as Teju Babyface's traditional wedding ceremony / party and wedding comes up. Yours truely will be attending. Na strictly by invitation!  I ve gotten mine, *winks*

I learnt  the Invites were not much so as to guarantee all invited guests had the best of fun at both events. Wow! I can just picture how the whole venue today being agog with different attires, shining yellow lace and gold gele ( head tie) for the groom and the bride is purple. It will be something else.

Who's colour code am I going to be ? Drum roll......... The cutest Comedian of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Teju Babyface!

I have taken it upon myself to be a paparazzi,  from my sitting position that is, lol. Yes ke, I have to keep you all posted na. hehehehe. Check for immediate uploads via my Twitter account @singlenaijamum

Its gonna be fun, I can tell.


dayor said...

Hmmmm, Have 'mad' fun oooo!

Anonymous said...

oh babe! have fun o!
u berra upload it here also, if you no want my wahala!
i don't do twitter! :D
Take care.