Friday, 25 November 2011

Shake them Loose!

A lot of changes are taking place in my life these days and I am enjoying every one of them. I did get myself some wonderful , sexy looking sport wears for the whole sweating it out at the gym. Tomorrow is going to be my first day at the gym . Well, I am not expecting too much but I am sure "my sleeping partner" is not going to be enjoying it at all.

The areas of concentration are my upper arms ( Christian Father to the left and Christian Mother to the right, lol). Then my tummy and hopefully shape these almost sagging legs of mine.  Hmmm, its a whole lot come to think of it. I am equal to the task.

The holiday season will definitely meet my body well sculptured for all round flaunting of my new sexy body ( please tell me I am dreaming).  If I can conceive it, I will achieve it.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


Che said...

I agree with you that if you can conceive it, then achieving it with hardwork is certain. It all starts with abi na in our mind. ;-). You might not see the change immediately, but keep at it girlfriend and you will def be flaunting your new sexy look dis hols. I would have said upload pixs for us, but just like me, you are anonymous. :-D

Che said...

Hellooooo, how are you and the little princess doing? Missed you around here. Have a very Merry Xmas.

singlenaijamum said...

@ Che, i have missed you too my darling. Happy new year to you. I have been away for a while now and the hectic nature of things came with a lot of challenges that made me not to be online as i would have freely wanted to.

Little Princess is doing very well , thank you.

We have been on holiday and will be filling you in on all the juicy gist.

Hope you had a memorable Christmas celebration?

singlenaijamum said...

@ Che, i did shake a lot loose and the result was evident for all to admire and most especially for the one person who now means the world to me and little Princess. I now flaunts all endowed assets that have been hidden all this while, lol.

I lost 10 pounds and i am enjoying this new feeling. Secretly, i had a target and of course the purpose ( you know now, lol). He keeps walking behind me to enjoy more view of what he's got, lol. Lovely holiday we are having. I cant post these pictures now but i am sure you will love the new shape just as i am. Have a lovely day

Che said...

Yaayyyyyyyy, good to have you back. Happy New Year sweets. Nice to know you stuck to your plan and lost some pounds. I bet he is proudly drooling all over you. *Hi 5 jare*. It's not easy to shed them off. Yep, i had a fantastic holiday. I will just patiently await your juicy gists.