Monday, 31 October 2011

Help , my wife is going Bald and wears wig even to bed!

The above cry for help was part of what made the month of October an nteresting one among other issues
(emotional included, lol) .  I decided to seek wise counsel from a popular forum as the matter too much for me along to solve.

*Mr Abiona* happens to be a family friend of so many years.  We grew up in Lagos with his family , all living in the same area. He got married and the bond was made stronger as we were welcomed into his home as if nothing has changed.  His wife, *Tinuola* is a beautiful, young , full of life lady. Who would have expected the kind of tight corner I found myself when this question was directed to me.

I felt the pain in his voice as *Mr Abiona*, looked at me that hot afternoon, begging to know what he could do to make his wife stop wearing wig to bed.  Me , I was more confused, as in , why me? Then again, I mellow down small, the man just wanted someone he could talk to and who better than a female family friend of many years that he could trust.

A lot of questions were running all over my mind, I had to ask one. Can't your wife fix weave-on instead?  The look in his eyes almost threw me off balance.  The man dey boil and I dey ask yeye questions.  He explained that the baldness don pass where weave-on fit stay for her head.

I got more confused.  You needed to see *Tinuola* when she dresses to go out any day, you go bow, clothe dey cover so many things o.

My simple advice to the man na to try talk to him babe, convince her say nothing do her , whether hair finish for her head or not, he still loves her all the same.


Che said...

hehehehehee, i don't mean to laugh, but it's funny. Mr Abiona needs to make the wife understand that he appreciates her without the wig. He needs to make her feel comfortable wigless in his presence.

singlenaijamum said...

@ Che, I laughed too ( privately sha o). Mr Abiona need listen afterall to some of the advice I gave him ( see me being a Therapist). He does love her and things are getting gradually back to normal.


some women need it for self-confidence......esp if she had never gone low-cut before.... you see, i won't take his complain at a surface value....there is more to it...there must be something that had transpired btw them maybe during a fight or quarrel that made the woman determined not to go wigless to bed.....every woman wants to look beautiful and action speaks louder than words....he might tell her it does not matter but what about his looks and moves when they are only together?....nevertheless, my advise is that he should accept her for being whom she is! is that not what love is all about?

how you dey? take care.

singlenaijamum said...

@ My Friend, thanks for your comment. As i write this, our *Mr. Abiona* is on a honeymoon right now. His wife has gotten a whole new collection of wigs to spice up the moods for him these days.

I bet the advice did wonders after all.