Tuesday, 22 November 2011

To the gym...........................

The revelation of what it means to being in shape and maintaining a healthy life style is next on my agenda. Shocking but true, i have allowed myself go but not anymore.

I finally decided to register in a gym . Yes, i did. The year is almost running out but  i am sure i can still loose some pounds here and there. I may even shock myself if care is not taken.

Deciding on the right wear could be my next challenge as i wouldnt want to let the love handles hang out , thereby discouraging me from concentrating on my workout or even attract more attention to my "now going out of shape" figure.  Dont get me wrong, I am easy on the eyes, pretty and tall enough to hold my body in its right posture, but trust me, when you get tired like i have become recently because of 'my sleeping partner' ( my tummy lying beside every night) then you know its about time to hit the gym!

I just keep wondering why i had to wait for my landlady to die before i wake up to this truth. God help us single mothers! Its always about the kids. I have to get my groove back and shed some of these weight fast in time for Christmas!


Che said...

Way to go girl. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you will shock yourself. Lol @ "your sleeping partner". At first I thought you meant your Princess. How is she? Bet she is growing big and strong. Tkr of you two.

singlenaijamum said...

@ Che, my dear, please keep your legs crossed too if possible, lol. This is now a project with definite time frame attached. I mean i am so tired of my "sleeping partner"! No shame in saying it , i will it gradually though.

My little Princess is doing wonderfully well in school and all round. Thanks