Monday, 3 June 2013

Happy New Month: Welcome to our New Beginnings

Dear friends, I want to use this medium to appreciate the love , care , concern from everyone who through this medium have come into our world to help make the "exhaling" process, period a more manageable one.

We are about to move onto something more challenging, intriguing and deep that will cut across board making sure that every issue as it relates to the status of being a single parent is discussed.

On behalf of my Princess and I, we want to say a very big THANK YOU.

This is bringing me to announce to you all that Singlenaijamum is leaving this platform in a couple of days to another.

New Beginning 

Happy new beginning everyone xoxox


Anonymous said...

Wish you both the best of luck.
Hopefully we would still see on the new platform.
Take care.

sykik said... platform ...bigger things.

Happy new month, my one and only sugar-cane


Ritty said...

@Simply Mee, babe, I owe so much to you for being there all these years. You are a darling, a sweetheart.

See ya xoxox

Ritty said...

@Sykik, you this babe, you too much. Me? Your only sugar-cane? No to small tinz.

I appreciate you dearie.

I will see u in camera *winks