Friday, 18 January 2013

Rewarded for Friending Che (CEO,Revampdefinition)

I have been blogging for a little over a year now and I have come to know a few friends. Some I have known before now and others , while here on Blogville. One of such wonderful ladies is @Che, (Naija Bank Girl, now CEO, Revampdefinition)
I have followed her ever since she started leaving comments on my blog and its been a wonderful relationship ever since. Earlier this year, she posted on her blog of her new venture and business and invited all of Blogville to check it out and out of excitement went on to quickly check out the site/blog and was the first to be her friends. Sent her a comment of being her first friend. Was very surprised when I got a mail from her asking me for contact details for a surprise package that will be sent to me. Two days ago Tuesday 15th, January, I got a call from a number that wasn't registered in my phone. I picked with caution but the female voice on the other end made jokes at the way I answered. Was I shocked when I learnt that the caller was @Che -Naija Bank Girl! The Latest CEO in Town! Wow! I mean, I am "meeting' my girlfriend from Obodo Blogville for the very first time!
Well, after all the screaming, laughter and giggling ( She sounds so sweet on the phone, you should have her call you anytime you are down). She told me of my Revamdefinition surprise package to be delivered by Red Star Express Courier service the next day (Wednesday 16th). More screaming. So excited that I kept imagining what the content would be.
At last the package was delivered like she had said . Did I expect what I got? The answer is no. Che, completely blew my mind. I mean everything lovely was in that parcel! She didn't leave Princess out of it. She got a lovely Alice band. This is to everyone who loves Che, she is a darling. And to those who visit other blogs and leave comment and add other bloggers as friends, I say, it pays. I got rewarded when I least expected it. # You might just get a surprise visit from the post man too courtesy Madam CEO, Che. Visit her blog today


Sykik said...

Ha...ha...ha....I need to mend my ways ni yen oh so I can be getting surprise gifts like this.

I love the Ankara details .....Madame Che is certainly gifted.

Ritty said...

@Sykik, am I hearing a resolution in our voice? She is a darling, going b that voice of her's.

These ankara gifts rock!

Che said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, you make me sound so sweet. "Call me up when they are down", 1st time hearing that. #blushing much. LOL. Thanks a lot sweets for the blog post, encouragement and all. I'm super glad you like our products. Keep spreading the word round *wink*. Hugs and loads of love to Princess. Would see you guys hopefully soon.

Che said...

@ Sykik, thanks for the compliment dear. Am heading over to your blog right away to register my presence. :-)

sykik said...

This friending thing is working oh......I must keep up the good work, hopefully, someone will send me valentine gift...a range rover would be just perfect.

Thanks for this your post ..lemme run and go and do a proper post on my blog of this testimony

Akua Priscilla Yeboah said...

wow! lovely designs... congrats to you. me too I want some oo che, lol

Ritty said...

@Sykik, my dear, its good to friend o. COngratulation again for your e-book.

Range rover? You go girl, who knows, someone has one to giveaway.

Talking about giveaways, I am planning something for my 5 Fab girlfriends! Yippppppy. I am so loving this idea, I can't just wait.

keep following @singlenaijamum for more juicy gist and info.

*I love you for friending*

Ritty said...

@Akua Priscilla Yeboah, welcome to our world.

I am loving this giveaway that I am including you on the list of my 5 Fab babes!

Please, follow me on twitter @singlenaijamum or send me an email:

By the way, @Che is a darling and might just send you something lovely :) spread the word while at it, lol

Strong Self said...

I should start making more friends too o. How about I start with you? Er...em... My name is Joseph Omotayo and you can visit my blog here:

Also, I am following you already.

Ritty said...

@Strong Self, welcome to our world. "Friending" is cool and rewarding I must tell you.

Thank :)