Sunday, 30 September 2012

Different Moments

The past few weeks has been very challenging and trying to fix things back together didnt seem to be working out like I had assumed it would.

I have missed blogging. I sincerely had my writing pad full of all the things I wanted to share with everyone but the more I tried, the more the distractions and of course school resumed and I just simply crashed out every other night.

Blogger suddendly changed the format on my dashboard and I can't seem to find the attach pctures icon and so, posting my write-ups without pictures was not very appealing to me, so I waited to find out why . This has thus lingered. Also needless to point out that whilst remoing my memory to have some "Owambe" pictures printed out for yours truely, it was corrupted at the photo studio. Phew.

So my dear readers, I am going to have to write without any pictures posted until I can have this figured out and sorted oout fast.

In other news, a lots has happened and my life has not only become busier but also goign through a little tilting towards romance, *winks* if you get my drift. More on this in our subsequent gist ( I am sure we all want to know how about the happen ending).

Mrs Edafe lost her baby after two day of delivery.  So sad.

Irony of life. While the all educated and tushed couple who had planned ths to be their last bus stop at child bearing were crying and keeping their loss to themseles, our dear security man threw a large party in our very before for the 7days muslim prayers for his new born baby girl! Wonderful!

That's to say while Madam Edafe was announcing to the whole community that she was pregnant, , somebody else was quietly nursing a pregnant wife.

Anyway, I went to share in their pain as I had earlier gone to celebrate with the jubilating security man ( who now has four kids in that small one room by our gate) Hmmmm. I can't shout.

I wish everyone a wonderful week ahead. As for me and my fellow Nigerians, there is public holday today. I am going to be celebrating our nation's 52nd birthday celebration with the rest of Nigeran.

Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!





Sykik said...

OMG........... why ..why....this is heart wrenching...
the security man was celebrating the birth of a newlife....oh...such irony...can't begrudge him his joy.

@ilola said...

Irony of life. Let's hear the gist soon.

Anonymous said...

sykik & @tilola said it all.
but that your security man no try shaa :D

Ritty said...

@ilola, I am sure more gist dey. Please check ur mail box for my reply. How you doing?

Ritty said...

Ib, na for my mouth you wan hear am? I can mind my business small sha o. I wonder how they cope in that one room. It wasn't meant for a family "mai-guard" / security man in the first place. He came with no kids or wife. You know how they keep saying they have their family back home? Well, this one come overly enjoy the life and miss him family badly , so he had to go bring them come join for the enjoyment.

The wife is simply beautiful! Young, tall, slender, pointed noise and very easy on the eye, just lovely.

Ritty said...

@Sykik, the Bible says rejoice with those that rejoice and mourn with those that mourn!. I rest my case.