Saturday, 28 April 2012

Night Watch Mum ...............who sat and watched her infant head

Sitting down quietly all by myself and smiling as the events of the last few days flashes across my mind.

Hmmm, indeed, I am a mother. That one na known and undisputed fact.   The real gist of this story is what actually transpired on the said days.

My Lil Princess was down with malaria ,( she is much better now, we thank God for his mercies). But on those night she had this malaria, I became a 'Watch Mum'! I sat on those night as she battled and fought  whatever forces were disturbing her in her dreams

I understand it but I was there, wiping the heavy sweat off forehead. The first 2 nights were something else. The fever was severe. I prayed, Lord help her fight and win. My Lil Princess is a strong girl and very pretty too, lol.

Na on those nights I come dey practice my nursery rhyme ' My mother, who sat and watched my infant head.....'. It easy but I won at last.  How so true! The beauty of being a mother, whether single or not.  It is however because of these little ones that we are called parents.

I am still enjoying this thought all by myself. Do u share in with me?


@ilola said...

Eeeya, na wa oo.

Now I am scared, so much sacrifice to be made for kids.

singlenaijamum said...

@ Ilola, Hehehehe, so u no even get liver ( that's to say, u are just a fine babe, no more, no less *wink)

My darling, its how mother nature wrote it down from time for mothers to 'watch' over these little angels. Trust me, your mum did much more cos it was definately different in our parents days.

So, brace up and prepare for the journey. It completes a woman! Lol