Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A Tribe Called Royal

How super is a mother? With all the superpowers that we exhibits every time our kids have any issue or challenge, I bet in their eyes, no mother can compare to their's because we are built specially to move mountains. Hmmm, I have come to this conclusion recently as my Princess came home with a report that shocked me to my bones.

For a while back now, I have been relaxed as what would have resulted in our very first misunderstanding, was resolved. Oh yes! We got there. These days kids know and stand for their rights! Mine is no exception.

My dear pips of Blogville, I still have butterflies in my stomach. My Princess refused answering her biological father's name! This was very shocking to me and I could not bring myself to explain to her how someday she will come to appreciate being from her tribe ( on the account that her dad from the Eastern part of Nigeria). My Princess completely refused and changed all names on books to my surname!

Yesterday was cultural day in her school. Last weekend prior to yesterday, the preparation for the attire to suit the tribe was war as she kept reminding me of how she is a Princess and would want me to get the regalia that suits a princess from my part of the country. Wow! A tribe called ROYAL!

I did not disappoint as SUPERMOM got geared up and about to carry out the royal decree. I had to ensured that my Princess looked like one in all ramifications. I love this job!

Cultural day in schools these day is a welcome development indeed as children gets to learn a lot about the different tribes and cultures of their beloved country. They are even given assignments to get them researching more on the various tribes in the country and heir different cultures.

Kudo to all the mothers who helped made their children Prince and Princesses


Anonymous said...

Would have loved to see princess in her royal for the other matter..hmmm....continue to talk and pet her....and yes, mothers are really trying.

Ritty said...

@Simply Mee, unveiling Princess will be a grand event , hehehe.

How have you been my dearest? Miss you so much.

Thanks for being there. Love you loads